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Attention to all applicants for an international certificate of professional competence.Since 2023, Methodologica Governance University has definitively ended the ESCO program and replaced it with a new program. Consequently, Methodologica Governance University no longer supports the ESCO Program, and any certificate issued under the name and logo of this program since 2023 is not valid. So, you have two options:

1. If you already have an ESCO certificate (which is no longer valid), you can renew your professional competence certificate by requesting the new CFC certificate.
2. If you want to obtain a new official certificate of professional competence issued by Methodologica Governance University and Futurale Canada, you can submit your request on the Futurale Canada website.

Furthermore, Methodologica Governance University, along with its partner in North America, Futurale Canada, has launched a new, much more comprehensive program than the ESCO program, called the CFC. This new Program is designed according to new methods and international criteria, especially North American criteria.

Be careful! 

Methodologica Governance University has no representatives in any country, and all collaboration contracts with its representatives, including in Iran, have been canceled since 2023. The ESCO certificates issued since 2023 are invalid, and the use of the ESCO logo is illegal.